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The Lyrics

Black & Blue

Get Another Boyfriend

1. "Or was it all the promises of the diamonds, pearls and party dresses..." Hey Nick, could you please slow down so we can understand what the hell you're saying. Thank you!

Shining Star

1. "Baby when you do the things you do, I wanna be close to you...". What things?! Details please!

2."And baby you know I'd let every single part of me be yours". I'd like to have that written and signed by you my dear.

Well, this entire song is VERY interesting, there for it would take us for ever to comment it entirely... But we guess you got the point LOL! No offense to the Boys, on the contrary!

The Answer To Our Lives

1. "I need a reason, I need a sign". Here's your reason: Us! And your sign: (our smile)


1. " Turn the lights down low". Nick, Nick, Nick! You're being a very naughty Boy...Why not with the lights on?


I Want It That Way

1. " Am I your fire? Your one desire?" Please, stop that! You don't wanna know the answer he he he!

I Need You Tonight

1. "I need you tonight, I need you right now" Oh please stop it! You'll make us wanna run over there...

2. "And those endless times we've tried to make it" Tried to make what? Explain us...

Backstreet's Back

Everybody (Backstreet's Back)

1. "Am I Sexual?". Is that a trick question?!

As Long As You Love Me

1. "I've tried to hide it so that no one knows". Hide what? If you're talking about what I think you are, I'd say that's impossible to hide.

All I Have to Give

1. " I don't have a fancy car". Oh yes you do! More than one actually...

2. " Does his gifts", "Does his friends". Try DO his gifts/friends. But when they sing it live they say it right. Besides, it's not their fault.

If You Want It To Be Good

1. "if you want IT to be good...", " if you like IT innovative...", "if you want IT to be wild". Ok, can you please tell us what the hell is IT?

Backstreet Boys

I'll Never Break Your Heart

1. " a little more better". How redundant...

We've Got It Goin' On

1. "creepin' up and down".  Would you be so kind and explain us how do you creep up and down?

2. " What you want is what you gonna get". I sure hope so...

3. "Backstreet's got the special effects". Effects?! What kind of effects...?

Get Down

1." Get down, get down and move it all around". Are we still talking about music?

2. "Your lips they taste so sweet". I'll bet they do...

Let's Have a Party

1. "...and go puff after midnight". Oh sure... that's explains a lot!


My Heart Stays With You

1. " I know you feel me baby, cause I can feel you too." I really, really think I shouldn't comment this...

(More to come)