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1. "DocumenTARIES" (Nick) -  What the hell?!

2. " We conversate" (AJ) - Where did you heard that? Are you trying to speak Portuguese or something?

3. "Cape Town, South America" ( AJ)  - You don't say!? And I thought it was in South Africa...Got your map up side down?

4. " Longtermgevity" (Howie) - Sorry, what did you just say?

5. "He's my cousin" (Kevin) - We know Brian's your cousin, you don't let us forget that fact.

6. " Boner. That's what we call him" (Brian) - Say what?!?!? Oh...You're talking about AJ, THANK GOD!

7. " We came here a while back ago" (Nick) - No comments.

8. "We wanted to do a 360 with this album" (AJ) - Wouldn't that be 180? 'Cause 360 is a full circle... you'll be right where you've started.

9. "Stuff like that" (Howie) - It's a classic LOL.

10. "Beefcakeness" (Kevin) - Huh!?!?!?!?

11. "It's where I resign" (Nick) - Resign to what?! Don't you mean RESIDE...

12. " We overcomed" (Howie) -  Thank God my English teacher didn't hear that!

13."Except when I'm a sleep. Then I'm naked" (AJ) - Did you really have to tell us that?

14. " a little more quieter" (Brian) -Dear Brian, we know what you want to tell us but you don't need to be That redundant, ok.

15. "Sheppisis" (Howie) - Are you making up your own words now?

16. "Howie was really into Dracula...he has that look" (Kevin) - Howie looks like a blood sucking murderer?! You need some glasses Kevin...

17. "No one has ever made a monster type video" (Kevin) - Is that so! Haven't you seen Thriller?

18. " it's just tuna in this damn thing" (Howie) - So what? You like Japanese food don't you, they put tuna in everyhting...what's the problem?

19. "...our great... best songs" (Nick) - Hey Nick! Is it great or best? Make up your mind will you?

20. "... drowding" (Brian) - Well, we're always learning new words...

21. "I didn't know y'all was doing this." (Nick) - I was, you were, he/she was, we were, you were, they were...nope, sorry Nick, you're wrong!

22. "Where the headphones at?" (Nick) - When we're learnt to read and write, the teachers always said to us that there MUST be a verb on every sentence, right? I guess Nick missed that class...

23. "That's phat to death." (Kevin) - We're still trying to find out what he meant by that.

24. "I'm a Barbie girl." (Brian) - Oh boy! We hope you were just singing that Aqua's song...

25. "We are the bug men." (Nick) - Too much comic books Nick!!!

(More to come)