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Please do not take these pics. If you'd like to have them, E-mail us for permission, ok. We don't mind sending them to you. Thank you so much!

This is how far AJ's insanity goes. But we love you anyway!

AJ: "Hum...wich one is the front side?"

Balls?! What balls?!

Kevin, dear! WAKE UP!!!

Jesus Christ! Someone get them a comb please!

Nick: "Ohhh... my stomach...I can't dance anymore..."

You know Nick, normal people close their eyes when they try to sleep...

NICK!!! What's the matter with you? Couldn't you wait at least until the end of the show? LOL

Oh boy! Did you just get out of the shower?

Nick: " Please AJ, turn around. There're kids watching..."

" Jesus! How the hell do you spell this word?!

Howie: " What on earth does he think he's doing with my bottle?!"

NICK! How many times do I have to tell you:
 "Do not put your fingers in the wall socket everytime you want to know if it works!"
See what happens?

Kevin: " What the hell are they singing?!"
Nick: "What did I do wrong to deserve this? These guys... My God!"
Howie: "Smile and pretend it's all part of the show"

Kevin: "Hey look! Is it a plane!"
Howie: "No, it's a bird!
AJ: "Nah... it's Superman"

Nick: "Let me talk!"
Brian: " No, it's my turn!"
Like Kevin would have said:
 "Kids...playing with the microphone. You'd think they never touched one before"

Nick: "I'm Batman!"

KEVIN! You're the oldest, you were suppose to give us good examples!

Is there something wrong down there?

That's why your pants keep falling down!

And we thought that the mic was for people to sing or talk...

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