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Here is our fashion department. What does that mean? Simple, we're going to comment their outfits and hair styles.

Kevin has introduced a new style for this autumn, turtle neck sweaters and shorts. Where did he get that idea? We don't have a clue...

Here we have AJ with a state of the art spider net shirt. (We wonder how long did he take to get it dressed up...)

Howie's new hair style, short and straight. (Why did you cut it anyway?!)

The new chess- board shirt. We can't even look at that thing without getting dizzy...Thank God he didn't wear that!

This is Nick presenting a Kimono, which we think doesn't mach his t-shirt... but on a second thought, any thing looks good on him right?

Here's Nick, again, showing us one more item of his shirt collection. We just have two questions just in case... Where does he buy those things? And who's the stylist you're taking advices from?

Here's Kevin and one of his famous skirts. Who said men can't wear skirts? It looks great! (at least on Kevin)

Once again, our beloved Kevin with a skirt... But don't worry, you look good on them.

Kevin's new do... It's not that bad (compared with the    one he has now... joke!!!). However, would you be so kind and let it grow again, WE LIKE IT LONG!  

Having problems deciding which sun glasses to use? Don't fear, the Boys are here! Just choose!!!

Another Mr. Carter's Shirt... what more can we say?

NICK!!! What did you do to your hair?! And for Christ sake, fix your jacket... you know it's the last button that should be unbutton, not the first one...

Another interesting... shirt... why did he even bother dressing one?! That thing is see through...

Mr. D with some nice new shades...
(I'd say AJ's style shades. Wouldn't you agree?)

Impressive!!! Here are the guys looking perfect! (Ok maybe that Nick's shirt is a little too much!)