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It should be forbidden!
(not that we don't like to see LOL)
New entries are at the end of the page!

1- Kevin wearing white pants
2- Nick giving a nasty look to the cameras
3- AJ having more tattoos (don't you think you have enough?)
4- Brian taking more pics with the dog (too damn sweet)
5- Howie making sad puppy eyes (you wanna kill me don't you?)
6- Kevin to speak slow
7- Any of them singing with their eyes closed
8- ANY of them wear leather of any kind and color
9- Nick saying anything about sexuality and turn me on, or any variation (Don't do that to us boy!)
10- AJ to change his hair color. (Your natural color is fine)
11- Brian to talk like Donald Duck (LOL)
12- Nick to be so damn gorgeous
13- Howie to wink (you should get over it hehehe!)
14- Kevin to tell us that Brian is his cousin (we KNOW that)
15- ANY of them to wear tight shirts
16- Howie to wear those weird shirts (ok I kind like some of them thought)
17- Nick in shorts
18- Kevin to have a pony tale (looks TOO good)
19- AJ to get any more piercings
20- Brian to laugh (stop that! You'll kill us!)
21- Howie, for our sake, never ever do that look again (The Call one... you know which one we're talking about...)
22- Kevin jumping through windows (you might get hurt someday)
23- Brian to point at the sky whenever he sings
24- AJ to speak with a British accent (LOL)
25- Nick or AJ to scream
26- Howie to wear sunglasses (Jesus Christ!)
27- Nick to wear black
28- Howie to cut his hair (I like it long if you don't mind)
29- Kevin to look right to the camera (don't do that please!!!)
30- Brian to wear caps (cute isn't it?)
31- Any of them getting wet in videos
32- Any of them to wear their shirts open. (This one is for you Howie)
33- Nick to play with his hair
34- AJ to sing "Lay Down Beside Me"
35- Kevin to wear a skirt. (looks way too good!)
36- Howie to wear white
37- Brian to talk like Jim Carrey
38- Nick to spill water on himself. (What did we tell you about wet scenes?!)
39- Kevin in swim suit
40- AJ to rip off his shirt. (you know, we're too young to have HEART ATTACKS)
41- Howie to wear his hair wet. (Oh My God!)
42- AJ to wear more than one neckless at the same time
43- Brian to chew more gum (that's bad for you teeth)
44- Kevin to grow his hair (are you and Howie competing with each other to see which one of you gets it longer?)
45- Howie to jump of moving vehicles (are you trying to kill yourself?)
46 - Any of them to dance with canes.
47 - Nick to lick his lips (will you stop it!)
48 - Any of them to sing on their knees
49 - AJ to shake his butt in front of the camera
50 - Brian to take the dog anywhere he goes (you'll make us want to go out there and buy one for ourselves)
51 - Any of them to show up topless. (that's dangerous, but for whom we don't  actually know...)
52 - Kevin to wear just a towel
53 - Howie to make sad puppy eyes (That's not fare, Mister!!!)
54 - All of them look so damn good (Yes! This IS a complement!)
55 - All those close ups in Drowning (we don't even have time to catch our breaths)
56 - Nick to have any more tattoos (Enough with the tattoo syndrome?!)
57 - Nick to make that "I'm a bad boy" look...
58 - Kevin and Howie to cut their hair (looks better long)
59 - Nick to wear his hair so short
60 - Nick to make those cute smiles on his "Help Me" video

If you have anything you'd like to have posted on this section, just email me. Thanks!
(more to come)