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Pics 2

Look a zebra!

Have you seen a ghost?

Hey Nick! Take it easy, Ok! Don't you dare strangling him...

In about a month or two we won't be able to tell the difference between AJ and Nick...(go to Style to see our comment about this pic)

Nick, what's that on your hands?! Oh...a bottle...What is it with you and bottles?
Oh and, just one more thing, TAKE OFF THOSE GLASSES! We like to see your eyes. Thank you! He's hanging out with AJ too much...

Something interesting up there? Or you're just admiring the ceiling?

NICK!!! If we didn't know this is from Drowning  we'd think...we'd think...Well, we'd better keep this thought to ourselves, we don't want to be sued or anything...LOL

Pain! Is this a joke?!

Howard! Have some manners will you LOL!

Kevin... Kevin... !!! (shaking our heads)
We won't comment...

Nick: "I am hypnotizing you... you will do as I say...!"

Brian, Tyk doesn't look very good with the wouldn't be very confortable,  you know!

Is that your idea of a disguise?

Excuse me D, but don't you think you should be looking the other way?

Nick, you have a certain tendency to strangle people, haven't you? Specially Howie...

You're a little pale... you look like a vampire...

 Balance problems?

Are you having suicide ideas now? I'm getting worried...

See what we mean? At least this time the "victim" isn't Howie...

Nick: Don't mess with me! Grrrrrrrrr......!!!

Is it just us or you're pretending to be a chicken?
We presume it's not part of te show, right?

Here's another victim... this time is his own brother...  

Humm... are you trying a ballet move or something?

Ok, how many cell phones do you have?

See what happens when a person hangs around Nick for too long? Even Kevin gets this tendency to strangle people...

(more to come)